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CFL's are effective, energy-saving, reliable, low heat generating horticultural grow lamps, giving excellent results and lower operating costs for all indoor growers.

Plants need light in the correct spectrum, which is proven to be between 400 & 700 nm, and CFL's produce high output light in exactly this spectrum. There is no wasted light, unlike HID and HPS lamps were much of the light cannot even be seen or used by the plant.

CFL's give 100% PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) high output light and are used successfully for all propagation, vegetative or flowering stages. This is a real advantage compared to growing with HID lamps, as there is no wasted light, which occurs when HID lamps are positioned high above plants. CFL's give 100 % PAR, correct spectrum, high lumen light directly on top of your plants - where they need it!

CFL's do not generate excessive heat and can be used directly over plants. This is the secret of growing with CFL's, positioned directly above, just 3 cm or 4 cm, the top of the plants! Unlike HID lamps, this new generation, grow lamps will not burn your plants.

• Self Ballasting Lamps - simple to install or wire

• 100 % PAR in the correct spectrum for growing

• Generates much less heat than HID Lamps

• Energy saving lamps give lower operating costs

• High Lumen Output ~ Long Life Operation

* 6400K Propagation & vegetative growing
* 2700K Flowering and fruit set growing

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