Kushie Kush

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Finally A Strain-specific Bloom Booster That Makes Your Kush Plants Yield Bigger, More Potent Buds! Here’s a Kush booster that makes more harvest weight and medicinal potency.

“I get incredible prices for my Kush,” explains David R., a grandmaster Humboldt County medical cultivator who only grows Kush. “I am getting more from my grow room using this Kush booster that makes more harvest weight and medicinal potency.”

To understand how this Kush-Specific flower enhancer produces bigger buds, recall that major varieties of medical produce different medicinal effects by creating unique ratios and types of active compounds.

So how does the Kush bloom booster work? By feeding the specific Kush metabolic pathways and processes that produce larger, more potent Kush buds. These valuable compounds include THC, cannabidiol, aromatics, terpenoids, essential oils and resins that individually and together have a wide range of therapeutic effects.

Available in 1L bottles.

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