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Seer Rockdust

The SEER Centre is a charitable organisation committed to regeneration of soils with Rockdust® to remineralise the soil to benefit the grower and the environment.

Rockdust® can improve the natural capability of soils to absorb atmospheric carbon and produce vigorous, mineral-rich vegetataion. If remineralisation is adopted as a matter of urgency on a global scale, our species could beneficially sustain itself without the use of agricultural chemicals, reclaim the deserts with the humble worms and stabilise chaotic climate. Climate change is the tension which precedes the Earth's natural remineralisation process - 90,000 years of glaciers grinding rocks to fertilise the next stage of evolution. We can simulate this fertility process with Rockdust®.

It is the most simple way forward for sustainable agriculture.

A Scottish Charity SCO37139

Application of SEER® Rockdust®

SEER® Rockdust® is most effective when applied at the end of the growing season so that the soil will be remineralised for the following spring.  It is, however, beneficial to apply at any time of year – the sooner the better.

Sprinkle SEER® Rockdust® as evenly as possible over the appropriate area of ground to be planted.  Lightly rake the SEER® Rockdust® into the top 5 – 10 cm of soil.

Minimum dose – 0.5kg per square metre – 20kg bags covers 40 square metres, apply annually.
Maximum dose – 5kg per square metre – 20kg bag covers 4 square metres, apply every 5 – 10 years.

Recommendation from Angus Horticulture’s Sales Director:  Apply at 2kg per square metre in the first instance and then at 0.5kg per square metre every autumn [Oct/Nov].

SEER® Rockdust® can be used with other organic soil conditioners and plant foods.
SEER® Rockdust® has organic accreditation and verification from various professional organisations.

For use in containerised growing [pots, growbags etc] – Mix 3mm SEER® Rockdust® into compost surface.  You can choose to add your own worms where appropriate or contact Angus Horticulture for their range of worm cast products for introducing microbes to otherwise sterile growing media.

For use in compost activation sprinkle 3 – 5 mm of SEER® Rockdust® onto each layer of green waste as it is added.




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