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Hydrogen Peroxide (text)

Liquid Oxygen

Hydroponic Systems

  • Stir thoroughly before circulating to plants. Add required amount of liq. O2 to a litre of lukewarm water before adding to the tank. Liq. O2 should be added to the tank 2-3 times a week to maintain optimum concentration in the tank. If added daily, then a rate of 5 ml liq. O2 per 20 litres of tank volume should be used.
  • To each 10 litres of tank volume add 5 ml liquid Oxygen.


  • Liquid oxygen can be used to clean and sterilise your hydroponic system and growing medium. It is a powerful and very aggressive liquid and it will effectively kill all pathogens and harmful bacteria. If using a medium such as perlite or expanded clay, remove as many of the old roots as possible. Then soak the medium in a concentrated solution of liquid oxygen. This will oxidise organic matter in the medium and assist in its rapid decomposition. Remember to flush medium thoroughly with fresh water before re-use. To sterilise a hydroponic system make up liquid oxygen in the tank and circulate it around the system to sterilise all the pipe work, drippers etc. Once again remember to flush the system thoroughly with fresh water, or wait a few days, before installing new plants.
  • To each 10 litres of water add; 100ml liquid oxygen

Cuttings (clones)

  • Treating rockwool, take an appropriate amount of lukewarm water. Adjust pH to 5.5.
  • For each litre add 20 drops (2ml) liquid oxygen and 5ml formulex
  • Allow rockwool cubes to soak in this solution in the usual way. Most species are propagated best from softwood tips. Selected material should show signs of healthy vigorous growth. Stems should be thick and firm and foliage should be dark green. We highly recommend clonex hormone rooting gel as the best product for root initiation.

Once all cuttings are in place, mist them thoroughly;

  • For misting solution, to each litre of lukewarm water add 5ml (1 teaspoon) formulex, 1ml wetting agent (optional) and 20 drops (2ml) liquid oxygen
  • To encourage speedy root initiation on your cuttings, it is necessary to pay attention to the environment in which this is taking place. Cuttings need to be kept in a very humid environment and will benefit from frequent misting. Best way to ensure ideal rooting environment is to use a propagator with a heated base and a high clear plastic cover. Keep cover on for at least three days then begin to open vents. Mist regularly with foliar solution as above.

Seed germination

  • To a litre of lukewarm water add 20 drops (2ml) liquid oxygen
  • Stir thoroughly. Soak seeds in this solution for 24hrs. before germinating in this way. Seeds treated in this way will germinate faster and produce more vigorous seedlings.



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