G-Tools Cabinets

Growing your favourite plants in a grow cabinet has many advantages over growing in a grow tent or grow room. The cabinet is a solid environment in which you can work safely. There are no (like in some grow tents) plasticizers inside which fumes are toxic and might harm your plants. Because a grow cabinet is a closed unit it can be used inside a room without you having to sacrifce the rest of the room to the nursery. You can still use the room for other purposes and not being bothered by bright light or sit next to a running extractor fan. Our grow cabinets can be placed anywhere without attracting any specific attention. They can be fitted with locks to deny acces to nosey visitors. All G-tools grow boxes can be purchased as complete Plug & Play cabinets or as empty cabinets. This leaves you the opportunity to design the grow box according to your own liking.

Direct from NL, custom made for your requirements so please allow 1-2 weeks delivery.

Vat Number: 392855552
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