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Atami is a research-based organization, studying plant growth and behavior at the cellular level. We evaluate and compare the various growing media such as soil, stonewool, and coir (coco) and the effect of various stimulants. Our goal is to increase potential yields for the serious grower by analysis of the growing techniques and by increased knowledge of the plant. Respect for nature is our ideal: support for the grower is our purpose.

The statement "measuring is knowing" is the core of our activities and forms the basis for each laboratory research. The result is a smart range of bio-stimulators, nutrition solutions, and growing media.

B'Cuzz Nutrition

Since the start of our company in 1997, Atami has developed into a leading research company in the area of biological technical engineering. The company supplies various growing media (soil and coco fibre products), liquid plant nutrients, and bio-stimulators. These products meet the highest quality standards and are produced according to ISO quality standards and the standards of the Dutch RHP Foundation (Quality Mark). Production conforms to the standard of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

The high level of concentration of the nutrient supplements makes their use very economical. Tailored to the specific wishes and needs of growers, Atami has put two nutrient product lines on the market: B’cuzz products and the ATA range. The B’cuzz products are especially developed for growers who look for maximum results from their plants in terms of yield and quality; a product line that is characterised by sheer fine-tuning.

Through stringent quality control with respect to its raw materials, ingredients and production methods, Atami has developed into a leading supplier. Growers in 38 countries spread out over 5 continents get optimum results from Atami’s smart and highly innovative product range.

Atami products have won awards on numerous occasions. For example we were the first company to win the prestigious Dutch and North-Cup in 2000. Atami products are packaged in light- proof, sealed packaging for prolonged use.



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