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Advanced Nutrients


Advanced Nutrients are Canada's premier plant feed producer.  The trio- Michael Straumietis, Robert Higgins, and Eugene Yordanov- already had extensive combined experience in business, marketing, horticulture, and engineering when they founded Canadian Soiless Ltd in 1996. 

After two years of field testing conducted by a team of five Ph.D’s, the trio unveiled a startling new line of products specifically engineered for hydroponics, which differs from soil growing in many key ways.  These products, sold under the now-famous Advanced Nutrients logo, embody a comprehensive approach to hydroponics growing.

They contain proprietary blends of quality micro and macro nutrients, amino acids, hormones, expensive chelates, plant growth regulators, vitamins, enzymes, yeast, yeast extracts, organics, carbohydrates, microbes, beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi.  Some products are almost totally organic, while others are synthetic-organic mixes.

The company created dozens of powerful growing formulas, including the SensiPro Two Plus program, which features micro-adjusted week-by-week formulations designed to satisfy plant’s changing needs during flowering and ripening.  The company just released a specialty fertilizer called Monkey Juice that maximizes the potential of coco coir root zone media while fixing problems caused by coco coir and inferior fertilizers.  It’s also created a premium two-part bloom fertilizer called Connoisseur, which uses proprietary materials to push plants to the highest yields ever seen.




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